Burning the dead grass off Mount Wakakusa in Nara. (Photo of the day on Japanese Wikipedia)


Hand coloured images of Japan | Via

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「君ならにか見せ花。色をもをも知る人知る 」                          (古今和歌集38)
"Whom should I show this plum blossom to if not you, who knows its smell and color."
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I wish you all a Happy New Year 2014, the year of the horse.

Detail of a traditional Japanese drum, collectively referred to as “taiko” (太鼓) or “wadaiko” (和太鼓)

秋 – Fall

So finally fall arrived in Kyoto. And, as it happens throughout Japan during November, the city is slowly turning into a sea of shining red, orange and yellow leaves.

I took the above pictures on Hieizan, a famous nearby mountain of Kyoto, where the leaves have already turned into shining and strong colors.

Tōkyō’s old and new landmark, the Tōkyō Tower (above) and the Tōkyō Skytree (below).